About us

Edith’s Food Product

First of all, Edith’s Food Product¬†was established many years and located in the town of Vinzons, Camarines Norte.

Edith’s Food Product is managed and owned by Mrs. Editha Cereno. Furthermore, the plan of Edith’s Food Product also is to gain and preserve the interest of its customers with variety of its pastries.

As a result, this will build a strong position in the city and other country. Our mission is to become the leading manufacturer of quality pastries in the city and other county, bringing the taste of such delicacies made by the hands of Mrs. Editha Cereno.

Edith’s Food Product is the name you can trust. For the past 10 years in food product business, we continue and maintain the interest of people in variety of its pastries. We build a strong position in the town and hopefully in other cities especially in other country.

We simply maintain the authenticity by maintaining the product quality over the years. As a result, we are confidently deliver the best of its quality.

Most importantly, feel free to visit Edith’s Food Product website and enjoy the things you need in just one click. We are so pleased for you to access the different variety of our pastries.

We have so many sweets to offer like Cassava cake, banana cake, butter cake, and more.

Furthermore, we are very proud to introduce delicacies of the most favorite pastries in the Province that are certainly delicious in a very affordable price.

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