A perfect place to visit

Camarines Norte Camarines Norte is a perfect place for visiting amazing destinations. Experience the taste of most favorite delicacies in the Province.  The beauty of Calaguas Island or Mahabang buhangin is one of the most fascinating places with white sand beach. Aside from that there are many tourist destinations in all towns in the Province.

banana cake

A simple special recipe

Butter Cake Butter cake is an essential Filipino recipe. Almost all Filipinos love its light sweetened taste. Try now and you will surely love its taste. The Province of Camarines Norte is a perfect place to visit when it comes to tourist destinations and food industries. The local products here are well known for tourist

masa podrida

Masa Podrida a traditional Filipino food

Masa Podrida Masa Podrida is literally translated in spoiled dough. It is a recipe Filipino version of short bread. It comes with many shapes like a popular star shape. This recipe is one of the all time favorite snack because of its crunchy and powdery lightened sweet flavor. Furthermore, this serves as one of the

cassava cake

All about Cassava

Cassava Cake Cassava Cake is a classic Filipino dessert made in grated cassava. It is also known as kamoteng kahoy in the Philippines. There are many versions of this recipe and Camarines Norte is one of the best place to visit when it comes to food industry. In addition, Edith’s Food Products is the right


A great way to eat Pandecillos!

Pandecillos Pandecillos is a top selling product in our list. Also it is a Pili Pastry that has sweetened ground pili inside that’s why people of Camarines Norte love this product because of deliciousness of this delicacy. It is a perfect snack of all time and a good accompaniment for any food. Feel free to

Pili tart

The love for pili tart

Pili Tart Pili Tart have creamy custard made of pili nuts that is topped over a thin and crunchy shortcrust pastry. It is also one of Filipino Traditional Food. A Bicol pride where most tourist in Camarines Norte come across to buy recipes like this one. It is surely one of the best delicacies you

banana cake

All time favorite banana cake!

Banana Cake Banana Cake is a long time favorite recipes of most people especially in Camarines Norte. Prepared in various manners, such as layer cake, as muffins and as cupcakes. So the next time you visit the Province of Camarines Norte. You should visit Edith’s Food Products and try one of our favorite recipe. Feel